Hard Work and Dedication is Celebrated at RAF Brize Norton


On 10 August 2017, RAF Brize Norton held an Honours and Awards Ceremony, where the hard work and dedication of Station personnel was recognised. The ceremony also, for the first time, awarded military officers their Long Service and Good Conduct medals.

Historically the Long Service and Good Conduct medal was only given to non-commissioned personnel who met the criteria. New rules came into effect on 1st October 2016 allowing military officers to also be eligible for the medal.

Hard Work and Dedication is Celebrated at RAF Brize Norton

The medal recognises the good conduct of armed forces personnel over a 15-year period. This means that all regular serving members with 15 years’ service, clear of disciplinary entries on their record, will be recognised. For every additional 10 years’ service with a clear record a clasp is also presented.

Squadron Leader Phil Streatfield, Officer Commanding Engineering Support Squadron, said: “I have been in the Royal Air Force for 31 years. I’ve served around the world, and have been given opportunities that I would never had if I had not joined the Service. I think this medal recognises the time served and the contributions we, and our families, have made during our careers.”

Squadron Leader Eleanor Taylor, Engineering and Logistics Wing, said: “I am very honoured to receive this medal today as one of the first officer recipients at RAF Brize Norton."

At the ceremony, an Operational Service Medal ‘Afghanistan’ was also awarded for operational service or in support of, operations in Afghanistan.