Twins from different cadet forces land same role

09 Nov 2017

Twin sisters Hannah and Amelia chose different cadet forces but get to share the same experience at Lord-Lieutenant Cadets.

At a recent ceremony Corporal Hannah Seymour was officially sworn in as the Lord-Lieutenant Army Cadet for Rutland alongside her sister Sergeant Amelia Seymour who has landed the corresponding position for the RAF Air Cadets.

The 16-year-olds from Oakham, who are studying their A-Levels at Hartington Sixth Form College, went through different selection processes where they had to showcase their achievements in their cadet careers.

Hannah took part in a rigorous interview process to get the role having joined the Army Cadets in January 2014.

She said: “I joined Army Cadets because I wanted do something different and as a career I’m interested in becoming a vet with the Army in my future career.

“I think the best thing about the Army Cadets is the adventure training we can take part in, particularly the canoeing. I’ve also been to Italy skiing, I’m hoping to go to Australia next year and there’s just lots of options.

“Cadets is great in helping people build confidence and ensuring individuals take a leadership role that develops them even further.

“Being a Lord-Lieutenant Cadet feels really cool and I’m really excited to represent Rutland and the ACF.

“We’re told having identical twin Lord-Lieutenant Cadets is a first in Rutland. Sir Laurence told us he’s pleased we’ll be wearing different uniforms.”

Amelia admits joining the Air Cadets two months after Hannah joined the Army Cadets as she was feeling left out but wanted to do something different. She’s certainly embraced it, as has her whole family with dad Ron becoming an Air Cadet instructor, particularly bringing the family’s love of canoeing to the squadron by becoming a qualified teacher of the sport, while mum Lucy is on the civilian committee.

Amelia also Chairs the Rutland Youth Council, is the leader of the Rutland Young Inspectors that aims to improve service to youngsters in the county, is a member of Healthwatch Rutland and volunteers at a donkey sanctuary.

With the cadets she’s just completed her Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award plus leadership and advanced First Aid Course. She hopes to become a lawyer in the future, potentially with the RAF.

Amelia said of being an Air Cadet: “I like the experiences you get including the likes of flying and shooting. I’ve been to HMS Bristol, to Gibraltar and took part in the Four Day Marches in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

“I also like the side that ensures you take responsibility for things and that promotes leadership. How much I’ve changed and matured while being a cadet is amazing. Cadets has definitely brought out the best of both our characteristics.

“It feels really nice to be a Lord-Lieutenant Cadet. It feels like a reward for putting so much effort into Air Cadets and it’s nice that has been recognised.”

The pair say they won’t be trying to trick the current Lord-Lieutenant Sir Laurence Howard by Amelia drawing a small mole on her face which is the only way you can tell Hannah apart from her sister.

Hannah said: “We are definitely different. I keep to myself more than Amelia and I don’t think I could pretend to be her.”

“I don’t want to pretend to be Hannah,” Amelia laughed.

Lord-Lieutenant of Rutland Sir Laurence Howard said: “I am enormously proud of all of my cadets and am convinced that being a cadet brings huge benefits not only to the cadets themselves but to the local communities in which they live.”

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