Central and East Band Make Music at RAF Henlow

30 Mar 2017

Cadets from across the Central and East Region came together for a weekend Music Camp at RAF Henlow.

Each of the cadets taking part are already accomplished musicians and the regional camps allows them to practice together as well as work on key skills such as marching as they play.

Drill Instructor, Sergeant (ATC) Howard Wolfe said: “Marching in step and in time is difficult enough, to do it with instruments and playing as well is a remarkable thing to learn successfully in a weekend. 

“The cadets were fantastic”

But the camp isn’t just or the benefits of the marching band, the regional concert band musicians equipped with their own instruments and musical ability continued to work towards achieving their next grade with the help of Corps Bandmaster Warrant Officer (ATC) Mike Jefferies.

Attending for the weekend, Cadet Corporal Ben Kitchener of 2482 (Henlow) Squadron said: “Brilliant, it was really useful for the developing my music. 

“Working with cadets from different musical abilities has really helped me a lot.”

The camp had been organised by the Regions’ Director of Music, Squadron Leader Alan Glover, and supported by nine volunteer staff, to practice together as the Central and East Region Marching and Concert Band.