Cadets Take Off at RAF Topcliffe

08 Mar 2017

After a three year pause Flight Sergeant Dan Griffin is the first cadet to take off from 645 Volunteer Gliding School marking another major milestone in the glider recovery programme.

The Grob Vigilant gliders returned to 645 VGS last October where the VGS instructors have been ensuring their training is current under the guidance of No 2 Flying Training School before welcoming back cadets to complete their gliding training.

Their hard work has paid off and they were granted permission to train cadets once again with the newly appointed Flight Staff Cadet Flight Sergeant Dan Griffin, of 2527 (Lawnswood) Squadron, to be the first to take to the air for a 35 minute flight.

Dan’s Instructor, former 35 (Wetherby) Squadron cadet, Flying Officer Jordan Cameron said: "It has been a long and frustrating wait for everyone concerned, primarily the cadets.

“There has been a lot of work from too many to mention behind the scenes, driving forward to ensure we can fly cadets once again; on Saturday, it paid off.

“It was an honour to fly our first cadet, and a relief after all the re-training I've had recently!

“Dan is an extremely hard working cadet and his efforts to attend and support the VGS will be rewarded.

“It's individuals like him who will become the next generation of instructors, so that we can continue to operate.

“I look forward to seeing many more cadets come through the doors soon"

645 VGS will operate a light training program initially in order to get more of their instructors trained up.

Flight Sergeant Dan Griffin said: “The flight was really fantastic with calm smooth weather.

“We did the blue and bronze wing package so I’m really happy with this.

“It was a privilege to be the first cadet to fly.”

After Dan’s flight, Sergeant Close Wiseman and Cadets Luke Ramset, Megan Oliver and Marco Padilla took to the skies to also complete their blue wings package.

The flights mark three years of hard work from the VGS staff, 2FTS, Central Gliding School and a team of engineers to restructuring and safeguarding of Air Cadet gliding.

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